Indoor Events CPA
Ticket Required
Art Symposium [President's Lounge, Art Symposium ticket or Gen Admin ticket required]

Outside Festival - FREE

Booths Open (food, drinks, arts & crafts, children activities) [CPA grounds, open to public]

Drum Ceremony

  • A Bow to Heaven and Ancestors - By Community Elders
  • Ribbon Cutting - By Community Elders
  • Drum and Zither Ensemble - Directed by Vanessa Van-Anh Vo, Performed by AuCo Cultural Center, Oh-In Taiko Drum School, Tranhsemble, & La Vang Drum Association
  • Flags & Red Silks Performance - Performed by dancers & Volunteers
  • Children Performance dedicated to the Three Regions of Vietnam - Performed by Youth Performers from San Khau Viet
  • Lion Dance - Performed by the Buu Kim Tu Dragon & Lion Dance Group
Art Symposium

Youth Outdoor Concert

Soulful Obsession with Maya Victoria

Thuy Linh, jazz singer

CPA Plaza

Ao Dai painting by Trieu Dao

Guests: Jacqueline Bhagavan, Mrs. California 2012



Exhibit Opens [Exhibition Hall & Ridder Lounge, Gen Admin ticket req)
  • Exhibits from various vendors and organizations
  • Fine Art Exhibition curated by Trinh Mai
  • Photo Booth Opportunity

Flags, Red Silks, & Lion Dance Performance

Evening Performance:
CPA Theater
Auditorium Opens - Seating
Show Begins [ticket required]

Performances by:
Ngoc Ha, Van Anh Vanessa Vo,
Designs by: Quang Chanh, Ella Vietnam, Debbie Nghiem, Nguyen Dan

Ao Dai Winner Awards
Humanitarian Awards
Performances by:
Van Anh Vanessa Vo
Designs by: Duc Hung, Si Hoang, Minh Hanh
  Finale: Vietnam Vietnam: Ao Dai Festival Team Presentation
VIP Reception Sponsored by Martell (VIP Ticket holders only)

Prices: $25, $35, $50, $75, $100